Externally line building is an addition on the body of the building purpose not appear the body, also for sound-insulation, warm-insulation, fire safety and to be nice. The necessity has evolution time to time and there are many other materials to covering this necessity, instance : wall plaster, Alucobond, stone etc.

  •  Comprehensive Service

The service teams at aslanidiSystem support architects and building owners right from the planning stage. They provide comprehensive technical information and perfect implementation of all ideas and plans. For every project, the proven strategy to achieve a smooth completion lies in an early co-ordination between vision, architectural plans and the many possibilities which our unique panels give to fabricators and installers. Our product and application know-how is the fastest and surest way to success, whether for new buildings, renovation works, interior or exterior applications.

  •  Dreams about claddings

Whether your project is discreet or avant-garde, you can count on ALUCOBOND make your dream facades come true. Part of the success of ALUCOBOND is due to its durability and resistance against corrosion. ALUCOBOND adapts’ perfectly to the buildings contours. It can easily be cut and shaped, without having to compromise on the factory applied surface finish. Whether soft curves or straight lines rising into the sky, ALUCOBOND will provide an economical design. The superb properties of this material boost inspiration and offer a whole new range of innovative solutions to the building industry. Whether your project is a private home, a public building, a corporate headquarter or a trade or industrial complex, ALUCOBOND can give it a distinguished look which will last forever.

  •  Ozone Friendly

During the life cycle of ALUCOBOND composite panels, no substances containing CFC are set free at any time. The core material does not contain any nitrogen, chlorine or sulphur. Therefore, selecting ALUCOBOND for projects which require environmental – friendly materials is literally a natural choice.

  •  Life Cycle

During decades of use in a rear-ventilated cladding system, ALUCOBOND protects the building from weathering and the harmful effects caused by industrial and environmental pollution.


  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Long-term preservation of the building structure.

An external cladding system using ALUCOBOND, acts as a barrier against solar radiation. The ventilated space between the ALUCOBOND and the wall or the thermal insulation (in climates which require additional insulation material) reduces the heat transmission.


  • In winter: savings in heating cost.
  • In summer: savings in air-conditioning cost.

The rear-ventilated cladding system protects the wall of the building from high and rapid temperature fluctuations.


  • Reduction of thermal expansion/contraction.
  • Reduction in crack formation.

Moisture can pass through the wall.

The building structure keeps dry.

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